3121 Ocean "Shore Tower"

Featured Project : Coming up 5 story commercial and medical center blended use building situated by the Oceanfront of Sheepshead bay - slated to be the largest Commercial center to be built in the area as of right.

Dikeman Residence

Featured Project: Residential Buildings define where we live. Their appearance and functionality affect how we live. Dikeman residence is an example of when a per-existing residential dwelling can remain grandfathered in a now manufacturing district of Redhook.

2784 Coney Island Ave

Featured Project: In a progressive corner of bustling South Brooklyn is being built a commercial and community facility complex designed in a timeless style that creates an accent on the dynamic between a daycare facility and a commercial medical center on the ground floor.

Ocean Ave. Residence

Featured Project : Situated in the quiet residential neighborhood, "Ocean" Residence makes a big statement about residential 'grand' spaces with its 2 1/2 story living room space and floating stairwell.

2613 East 16th Street, "Folding Tower"

Featured Project : A 6 story blended use building intended for ambulatory diagnostic medical center functions and day care uses. The prime tenant for this building is a Renown ophthalmology center located in the heart of Sheepsheadbay, Brooklyn

Eyes on Park
Featured story

Featured Project: Caloquially named Eyes On Park is meant as a play on words because the store fronts Park Avenue, while questioning - who is paying attention to who? The streestcape gaze into the store? or the patrons gaze onto the street?

Interior Design Project